Kate Stiassni STUDIO

Kate Stiassni’s expressive, paint-erly quilts, which deftly balance dynamic movement with quiet passages and negative spaces that give the eye room to rest and reflect, owe as much to modern art as they do to historic quilts. Stiassni is a gifted visual artist, albeit one working with colored cloth rather than paint.   

    -  Robert Shaw
       Art Historian and Author
      American Quilts: The
     Democratic Art

   I did a double take the first time I saw Kate Stiassni’s work. The relationships she creates with the juxtaposition of shape and color are active and alive. Whether with straight lines or curved, I was drawn into each piece to explore these relation-ships. As uncomplicated as the work seems at first glance, rewards reveal themselves when looking more closely.
   When I look at art, I wonder if I could live with the piece, look-ing at it every day, getting to know it as a really old friend, and still be excited about it each time I see it again. With Stiassni's work, I would say YES! many times over.
   - Andrea Bacal
     Curator, Shaping Space
     Visions Art Museum

Our mission for The Art Quilt Gallery is to exhibit the best art quilting from around the world.  We've known Kate Stiassni for many years, and when we saw her work, we were convinced of her unique vision as a textile artist.  Hand-dyed fabrics are her paints, and her sensitivity to color, design and texture give her work a richness and depth that make her distinctive,  graphic compositions sing.  We are very pleased to introduce her exceptional art to a New York audience.
     Cathy Izzo, Co-Curator
       The Art Quilt

  White Gallery Exhibition 2012-2013

When I first saw Kate Stiassni's work I knew that it was exceptional...exceptionally beau-tiful, exceptionally artistic and an exceptional melding of textile art with a sensibility for color and form that places her work in the realm of fine art. I knew that I wanted to be part of showing it to the world.
      - Susan Galluzzo
        The White Gallery

   60" H x 67" W
   2014 Quilts=Art=Quilts
   "Honorable Mention"
   Schweinfurth Art Center, Auburn, NY

  36 x 33 inches
  2012-2013 Tactile Architecture
  International Quilt Festivals:
  Houston, Cincinnati, Chicago,
  Long Beach

  45 x 71 inches
  2012 Quilts=Art=Quilts
  Schweinfurth Art Center, Auburn, NY


29 x 50 inches
2011 Quilts=Arts=Quilts
Schweinfurth Art Center, Auburn, NY

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